Jade Allen

Hot Summer With The Alpha Billionaire

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A sexy college student falls for an irresistibly hot and mysterious alpha billionaire with ties to organized crime who sweeps her off her feet and teaches her things she never could have learned in any classroom.

Emma was only looking for a little fun during her summer away in posh Newport, Rhode Island. One night, she walked up to Marco Accardi, never imagining the fiery passion that would ensue. He wanted to possess every inch of Emma's body and soul, but she was blissfully unaware of the sordid life he kept hidden from her.

Their scorching love affair becomes threatened when Emma discovers the truth about Marco's involvement with the Mafia. Is Emma's pull on Marco strong enough to compel him to leave "The Family," or will their whirlwind romance be nothing more than a hot summer fling?

WARNING! This audiobook is intended for listeners age 18 and over. It contains mature situations and strong sexual content that may be objectionable to some readers.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Veronica Holly
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