Dain Heer

Self Awareness

Is it impossible to change the world?
As an internationally renowned author, speaker and facilitator of consciousness, Dr. Dain Heer is here to show us that the planet DOES have a future.
We’re talkin’ bout’ a revolution...the revolution of human consciousness.
And it’s NOT what you think it is.
Because what consciousness actually looks like is simple. It’s where everything and everyone exists as they are, and nothing or no one is judged for being themselves.
Ever dreamed of a world where humans really had each other's backs? A place where scrutiny was no more, a place where we forgive ourselves and each other; warts and all? That’s what it means to be conscious.
Judging ourselves and striving to change what is doesn’t create a consciousness revolution.
Asking ‘what else is possible…?’, does.
Being who you really are does too.
So what if you truly being you is the change the world is waiting for?
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Dain Heer
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