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The Princess Test & Once Upon a Time - Sleep Stories Collection

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Welcome to Sleep Stories -- fairy tales and folk stories specifically engineered to help you fall asleep faster and sleep through the night. Perfect for listeners of any age, this audiobook will help soothe you to sleep for a great night's rest.
The Princess Test is an updated take on the Hans Christian Anderson classic, The Princess and the Pea. It talks about a prince who wanted to marry a real princess. Luck smiled upon him and sent the girl that claimed she is precisely that, right to his front door. She knocked at the door of the castle, all wet from the rain and lost. The queen presented to the princess one test which proved that the girl was a real princess. She has set a single pea, under dozens of mattresses and blankets, to check whether the princess will feel this.
This story tells us that there are always ways to verify a genuine nature of the people. In this story, the princess proves its sensitivity to discomfort, which can be developed only by those that are pampered their entire life, even if it’s only a pea under dozens of mattresses, blankets, and pillows.
Have you ever wanted something so badly that you'd do anything to get it, even something bad? This is the story of Once Upon a Time, based on Hans Christian Anderson's 'The Wicked Prince.'
This story is a translation of a classic tale by Hans Christian Andersen. While this is considered by some to be one of Andersen's darker stories, it still has hope throughout. in this story, a wicked, arrogant prince plunders and conquers first his own land, and then the neighboring nations, enslaving the vanquished kings. When he tries to conquer God, he meets his match in the form of a single gnat.
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Author's Republic
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