Lauren Windle

Notes on Feminism

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Is it possible to be a Christian and a feminist?
The hot topic of feminism has been well documented and debated in mainstream media and yet, as Christians we come to the conversation from a slightly different vantage point. For starters, we have the benefit of a personal relationship with our creator plus the ultimate handbook in the Bible to work out what is right and just when it comes to equality. So why do many Christians feel the Bible presents a barrier rather than a boost when it comes to championing equality between the sexes?
Lauren Windle draws upon her years as a journalist to weave together a wide range of voices on a subject that society has been wrestling with but, in the Church, few are brave enough to probe too deeply for fear of what they might find. This book isn't here to tell you what to think. The views it presents are intended to inform, not form, your opinion on key topics, including: defining feminism, the lessons we teach boys, female preachers, a woman's place in the household, beauty standards and #ChurchToo.
Notes On Feminism features contributions from several high-profile women:
- Writer and model Katie Piper on true beauty
- Olympian Abigail Irozuru on women's bodies
- Comedian Cassandra Maria on why people think women aren't funny
- Author Tiffany Bluhm on why people don't believe women
- Journalist Delphine Chui on why she isn't a feminist.
If feminist stirrings feel like a barrier to your faith, let Notes on Feminism help you unpick the confusion and ongoing debate, while keeping God at the centre.
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Lauren Windle
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