Eric Hardy

Personal Finance: The Ultimate Guide to Better Finances with Proven Financial Security Tactics

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A Wealth Management Audiobook Covering Financial Planning
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National credit card debt reached a peak of $1.022 trillion. That's an average of $8,299 in credit card debt per household. That was more than a third (38 percent) of total U.S. consumer debt.
Today, the average American home has over $16,000 in credit card debt
By understanding, then mastering Financial Planning, you will set yourself on a course towards achieving whatever monetary and lifestyle goals you want.
Here Is A Preview Of What You'll Learn...
Setting Goals Towards Successful Financial Planning
Decide Your Spending Prudently
Dealing With Mountains Of Debt And Credit
All You Need To Know About Taxes
Jumping On The Right Insurance Plan
Getting Help From Professional Financial Experts
DIY With Personal Financial Software
Savings & Compounding Interest
Smart Investments Steps
And basically everything you need to know to know Financial Planning
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Author's Republic
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