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My First Investment In Crypto and Stocks for Teens

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Welcome to the My First Investment In Crypto and Stocks for Teens!

Investment changes people's lives. It helps individuals achieve financial independence and not get stuck in a routine that the modern world makes them part of. Often stock market and cryptocurrency books focus on providing information to financial enthusiasts with complex terminology that is often difficult to understand by beginners. Sweet Smart Books focus on providing guides that help readers understand these complex financial topics in a clearer and more engaging way that even adults with kids level of knowledge would understand it.

This book is primarily designed to help teenagers and beginners start investing in the stock market and in some popular cryptocurrencies even if they are totally unaware of the basics that are involved. The author focuses on providing the information in an easy-to-understand way to assist beginners in getting the most out of the foundations. While dealing with basics, the author also extends the text coherently so that the enthusiast beginner can even understand the advanced topics that can help them make better returns and consistent profits over time. Learning topics from this book will help you invest smartly and with confidence.

What Will You Get From This Book?

Introduction to Investing

Understanding Stock Market Basics

Understanding Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency Mining


Fundamental Analysis

Technical Analysis

Mutual funds



Important Traits for an Investor

Sweet Smart Books focuses on delivering quality information for people trying to achieve financial independence. Our series of books help readers quickly understand the complexities surrounding the financial markets, and this book is a part of our ambitious project to make financial knowledge affordable for ordinary people.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Reggie Spires
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