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Positive Thinking & Affirmations Meditation: Use the Law of Attraction for Manifesting Your Dream Life of Wealth, Success, Money, Abundance, Health & Love (Self Hypnosis, Affirmations, Guided Imagery & Relaxation Techniques)

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***Manifest TOTAL ABUNDANCE, SUCCESS, & WEALTH While You Sleep!***
Using the Law of Attraction & Guided Meditation, you can train your brain to become a MAGNET to HEALTH, WEALTH, & LOVE!
With this Law of Attraction hypnosis, you can drift off to sleep each and every night with confidence knowing that your subconscious is being tuned to the highest vibration possible!
Through the power of binaural beats and carefully constructed affirmations, this powerful hypnosis will soon tune your energetic vibration to a higher frequency that directly manifests WEALTH, MONEY, LOVE, and more!
Because of this frequency change, The Universe will begin to work in your favor through the Law of Attraction, and you will begin to see amazing coincidences and miracles in your life that bring INCREDIBLE ABUNDANCE straight into your lap!
You will be SHOCKED at how quickly the state of your life changes!
***This Law of Attraction Guided Meditation will help you:***
* Boost Your Self-Confidence & Belief in Yourself
* Attract New Opportunities & More Money
* Raise Your Energetic Vibration to A Higher Frequency
* Attract Your Ultimate Soulmate
* Replace Negative Vibes with Empowering Thoughts
* Manifest Miracles & Attract A Wonderful Life
* Increase Happiness & Joy
* Improve Sleep, Reduce Stress, & Relieve Anxiety
* Much, Much More!
Life is too short to spend it broke, miserable, and depressed. Buy your copy today and start attracting your DREAM LIFE NOW!
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Mindfulness Training
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