Onofre Quezada

hypnosis to sleep better and attract success

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This extra calming sleep hypnosis will help you fall asleep quickly without more nightmares, while you relax and enjoy deep, safe sleep every night. Enjoy falling asleep easily into your calmest dreams with a feeling of beautiful serenity for a long-lasting sleep of complete inner peace. Listen to this sleep hypnosis before bed, when you can allow the mind and body to relax very quickly. Enjoy your most positive nights of happy, healing dreams, as you help rebalance and return your subconscious mind to those deeply relaxing states, where true replenishment and inner rest can take you to your most beautiful, happiest sleep. Hypnosis is a natural state of our own mind, and one in which we always remain in charge and in complete control. As they say, all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. The suggestions spoken in this sleep focused track will only encourage you to rest and relax deeply, while imagining your own most relaxing sights, sounds and sensations to calm you down for your complete protection and safety. In addition, it will also contribute wealth and prosperity to your life.
Onofre Quezada
Anónimo, Onofre Quezada
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