Raymond Sturgis

Erasing The Black Family: How White America Is Trying to Erase Black History, Black Families and Black Successes

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Another day has come and gone, and a black family lost another black person to police brutality, a corrupt justice system, and gun violence. America has always had a system in place to terminate black people if they rise too high, or accomplish triumphs where they are absent from taking credit for. I understand black America is resilience and strong, however, how many police killings are we going to march to, how many black youth going to prison are going to tolerate and how long are going to let society make the white feel he belongs with black women and black men do not. Black people or black families will not be ERASED, they are going to continue to fight this racist unjust system, and save themselves from the hidden racism permeating their skies. g
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Author's Republic
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