Raymond Sturgis

When God Made Martin Luther King Jr. Smile: The Man, The Leader, The Dreamer

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Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. is all smiles as he watches over us as we celebrate his life and dedication to freedom. Author Raymond Sturgis has put in wonderful words the life work of Dr. King which was inspired by his faith in God. Martin Luther King Jr. lived a short nut fulfilled life, and although he was receiving death threats or going to jail, it was his family, supporters, friends, and God that made him find time to smile for better days.
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s method of non-violence is needed today more than ever before because people are more recalcitrant and violent in their misunderstandings. Therefore, if Dr. King can find something worthy to live for, let us all smile more by heeding his message and find comfort in living together non-violently.
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Author's Republic
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