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Crowd Sourcing

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Crowd Sourcing is that online platform provided to you which lets the world know about your thought process. The online outsourcing platform which helps the big business brands and IT firms to publicise their products or answers the queries of the public. The term crowd ‘Outsourcing’ was coined in 2005 which later turned into Crowd Sourcing. It is that activity in which multiple participants can participate freely. There are various businessmen or start up owners who are in search for answers to their queries. Crowdsourcing makes it a lot easier for organizations to attain goods and services. The crowd or the public can freely participate in crowdsourcing and almost all the times they are benefitted with monetary gains and prizes. Crowdsourcing is not limited to an individual it can be an interlinking element between various organizations, institutes or group of individuals. It can be a promotional activity for small businesses which are unknown to many. Crowdsourcing is an act of finding solutions to almost all the problems. Even the small firms can participate and be benefitted with the outcomes. Millions of people participate to showcase their talents in various sectors. This is the unique platform which forms real foundation of intelligence.
This platform is flexible as there is no discrimination on the basis of race or status. Any individual can participate in group or collectively as institutes.
Andrea Giordani
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