Maxwell Maltz

Zero Resistance Living

In addition to being the author of the 35 million copies best-seller, Psycho-Cybernetics, one of Dr. Maxwell Maltz' crowning achievements was the formation of an audio book called Zero Resistance Living. In this powerful program, read by President of the Psycho-Cybernetics Foundation, Matt Furey, you are taken behind the scenes wherein you hear the type of dialogue Dr. Maltz regularly engaged in with many of his students and patients over the course of his legendary career. You'll hear the most common psychological conflicts and turmoils of the time being addressed, and will quickly realize these troubles are no different than those of today. Yet, as you follow the good doctor's words, you'll find he gave practical, useable and simple instructions that yielded phenomenal results to virtually every type of situation, from the stressed-out executive or professional, to the under-confident salesperson, to the amateur or professional athlete, aspiring student or person seeking to reinvent himself or herself, Dr. Maltz provides time-tested advice that anyone can follow on the road to success.

In the program you will discover how to:

Create a new, empowering self-image

Turn off the negative voice inside your head

Rise above your fears and self-doubts

Give yourself an emotional facelift

Apply the four cardinal rules to psychological and spiritual relaxation

Improve your career or make a shift in your daily activities

Eliminate habits that don't serve you

Reinvent yourself in your own image

Be positive, on command, every day of your life

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