Brent Propst

Wally and the Backpack of Worry

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Does your child seem to worry about everything? Or have a hard time talking about their fears and worrisome thoughts?

Wally and the Backpack of Worry is a simple yet powerful story to help teach children their feelings of fear and worry are mentionable and manageable. One of the most important lessons a child can learn is knowing they have control over their emotions.
Early childhood development that includes emotional awareness can avoid an adult carrying around years of unresolved traumas and fears. Such unresolved emotions can manifest into very debilitating mental conditions and troubled relationships.
Along with Wally, children will learn that fear and worry are normal emotions. However, as Wally learns, if these feelings are not talked about, they become a heavy weight much like rocks in a backpack. This backpack of worry weighs someone down over time, ultimately keeping them from enjoying life to its fullest.
Join Wally as he learns important lessons about trust, fears and the coping tools to help manage those worrisome thoughts.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
Daniel Smith
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