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Passive Aggressive Personality

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Every person has a specific set of actions taken up in different kinds of situations. These actions sometimes depend on the situation and sometimes they depend on the upbringing and outlook of a person. By these actions, a person forms his or her personality. This personality is the resemblance of the thoughts and practices taken up by a person in a variety of situations. Passive aggressive personality is one of this kind. A person when acting angry indirectly rather than showing discontentment in a direct manner is said to be passive aggressive in nature. This could be situational or intentional. This could also be consciously done or unconsciously. People with such a personality tend to be manipulative and try to play with the emotions of others. They use tools to communicate their anger rather than actual communication. These tools are resentment, deliberate procrastination, intentional mistakes, sarcasm, delays and silence.
Tracy Tupman


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