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Melissa Moore

Tantric Sex For Beginners

Did you know that tantric sex is NOT all about sex?
Or that it could be a path to healing several other areas of your life?

The truth is, the strength of your relationship is not forged during the dates you have or how much time you spend together as a couple.
A strong, loving bond that can withstand the test of time is built during the most precious and intimate moments you share with your partner. It is built during sex. Having sex should be more than just satisfying your hormonal lust or desires. Sex should be a time when you connect with your partner in a way so deep, you’re both brought to the brink of ultimate bliss.

Tantric sex is not a religion. It is a practice and a way of life. It doesn’t just teach you the various sex methods you could use for greater pleasure alone.
You Will Learn:
Why tantric sex is better than regular sexHow to awaken your body and free your mindThe true power of breath and what it can do for your sexual experienceHow to harness the power of your sexual energyHow to transform your sexual energy using your chakrasHow to manipulate the senses for greater intimacyWhat the erotic awakening massage can do for youThe best tantric sex positions to try todayTantra is a practice that benefits both men and women, and we’ll provide step-by-step guides about how you can work together with your partner the way you are supposed to. This audiobook is not going to tell you how to do it. It’s going to show you how to do it.
Are You Ready to Change Your Sexual Experience for the Better?
Download Now! Your sexual awakening awaits.
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Melissa Moore
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