Inside You

Слухати в додатку
In this album, the focus is entirely on you. Step away from the chaos of life and sink into delicious fantasies where you are romanced, respected and cherished. Each track is a different fantasy to indulge in, a new way to be pampered. Get comfortable and let Gael shower you with the adoration you deserve.
01 - Let Me Prove It To You
I know you have times where you doubt that you are sexy.
I'm going to leave you a message to prove to you... to show you, apart you still set me on fire.
02 - Waking Up With You
Hey sexy... are you properly awake? You will be when I'm done with you...
03 - Close To Me (Multi-orgasmic)
Every inch of my skin touching every inch of yours...
04 - Let Me Take Care Of You
You look stressed baby... let me make you feel good...
05 - Morning Glory
Good morning my Treasure... I love when you sleep naked...
All I need to do is slide the covers away and feast on your sexiness...
06 - Your True Beautiful Self (Healing)
Come lay down with me. Listen to the rain.
We'll clear the chaos in your mind...
07 - Sexy Sweet Nothings (3D)
Do you like when I whisper sweet nothings in your ear?
Come closer and let me tell you exactly what I'm thinking about...
08 - One With Me
I want to be on you, in you, all around you...
I want to be be joined. One. Together...
09 - Good Girl
I can't get enough of you. I can't stop drilling you and pounding you.
My good girl... can you keep up with me?
10 - Quiet Weekend
I can't wait to get you alone but we'll have to be very quiet. The innkeeper is quite nosy!
11 - Coming Home To You
I have missed you every day I've been gone. And I've been dreaming about you, your mouth, your body...
I'm aching to be inside you...
12 - I am Crazy About You (Gaelic)
Loving words in 100% Irish Gaelic
13 - Inside You
You allow me to see you naked long before I remove your clothes...
Your eyes burn with a need... not just to be touched... but to be seen...
wanted...desired...and you are...
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
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