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How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children

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Tired of tantrums and tears? Discover a more mindful, attentive, and adaptive parenting style that instills a lifelong habit of resilience and confidence in your child.Being a parent isn't easy. From the ear-splitting temper tantrums of the terrible twos to the heart-stopping antics of elder siblings who should know better, sometimes the family home can feel more like a psychological battleground with a masterful manipulator of your emotions!
One thing is for sure: a child's life is one of exploration, discovery, and wonder. But between those wondrous moments, even the most cautious of children will suffer the consequences of their youthful trial and error.
As a parent, it's hard to say "no" to an eager little face that you love – and it only gets harder when resisting your natural, hard-wired impulse to rush in and save them from their terrible decisions.
Does this make you a bad parent? Of course not: you are, like your children, a human trying to make sense of the world – and you alone have the power and responsibility to show them the best path forward.
But Just Where Do You Draw the Line Between Liberty and Discipline?
How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children is a new, step-by-step guide that shows parents how to navigate the precarious tightrope of raising independent, resilient, and honest children.
Childish Mistakes Are the Building Blocks of Adult Success
Life has never been fair. As a parent, your goal is to proudly guide and watch as your baby grows and develops into a resilient and stable adult, emotionally equipped to handle life's vicious slings and arrows. Click the ‘Buy Now’ button today to order How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children. Take the first step in investing in your relationship with your child today – and give them the extraordinary gift of lifelong resilience.
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