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Eva The Adventuress

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Based On Real Events! Inspired by Nellie Bly's explosive 1889 interview with convicted criminal Eva Hamilton (wife to the great-grandson of Alexander Hamilton!), Eva The Adventuress is a blockbuster of the fury of a woman scorned.

Born into poverty, beautiful Eva Scarlett rescues a handsome stranger from a mob, trusting him to marry her. She soon discovers he has tricked her, their marriage is a lie! Alone in New York, a “fallen woman,” Eva sets off down a path of vengeance on all those who have wronged her - until her quest is derailed by the genuine love of a scion of a famous family. Yet the past cannot let her go, and Eva discovers that in the battle between love and revenge, only one can triumph.

Pioneering undercover journalist Nellie Bly is rightly famous for exposing society's ills. From brutal insane asylums to corrupt politicians, she used the pages of the New York World to bring down all manner of frauds, cheats, and charlatans. What no one knows is that Nellie Bly was also a novelist. Because, of the twelve novels Bly wrote between 1889 and 1895, eleven have been lost - until now! These are The Lost Novels of Nellie Bly!
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