Raymond Sturgis

A Hurting Man

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Black men growth and successes are still marked by problems of black on black crime, hopelessness, stagnation and poor parenting. Still, many rises above the odds society predestine for them and try become better men than their past or current conditions. Black men want to become better fathers to their children, but joblessness, court system and poor guidance impede their progress. Black men hurt everytime they try to do good, police brutality murders them. When they want to better men to their women and wives, unfaithfulness or poor spirituality leads to separation. They want to be providers and leaders in their communities, but crime or being victimized by crime destroys their positive efforts. The world does not see that black men are hurting to do good because maybe they close their eyes to their efforts or hoping that black men continue to hurt so they can destroy themselves. This book is a message to the world, that black men are hurting to do good, and now it is the world's turn to help them or be hurt by them.
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Author's Republic
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