Louis MacMillan

Mind Power [Russian Edition]

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Louis MacMillan. Mind Power: Finding Your Hidden Force by the John Kehoe Method

“Mind Power: Finding Your Hidden Force by the John Kehoe Method” is an intensive program to improve the quality of life!

We all know that we have a subconscious mind. But most people have a very limited view of this concept. Meanwhile, the possibilities of the subconscious mind are versatile: it not only performs a lot of complex functions in the process of thinking, but it also has all the necessary resources to change our lives.

This audiobook will shed some light on the mind power, reveal the secrets of our most important and invisible inner force.

You will find out:

- how to live in absolute harmony with yourself and the world around you;

- how to get rid of fears and complexes and not let them prevail;

- how to achieve this goal by controlling your subconscious mind;

- how to establish relationships with people and find mutual understanding when communicating;

- what mental attitudes can help you become happy, successful, and rich.

Remember that our subconscious mind is a hidden power within us. It is what influences our thoughts, the primary creative forces of our consciousness. By learning how to use them in the right way, you can reach your full potential and build the future of your dreams.

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Victor Babkov
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