Jonathan Marlow

Dividend Investing

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Dividend investing and investing, in general, can be difficult to navigate. This easy-to-understand and concise guide will teach you all you need to know about dividend investing, cutting through much of the waffle and technical terms you may encounter in other mammoth investing books.
Real investing is not about following the financial news or selecting a few companies you think have potential for huge growth - that's actually how people tend to lose money - real investing is actually far more simple and passive.
The simple fact is that given enough time and an easy, yet disciplined, approach to investing, anyone, even those on minimum wage their entire life, can become a millionaire.
You will learn:
Dividend investing in a nutshellHow to approach dividend investing How to choose index fundsThe dangers of overtradingWhy dividend investing is superiorYour portfolio with dividend investingAnd much more!This book is not a get-rich-quick scheme - investing takes time. Done properly, however, investing will make you rich!
You will learn how to identify the right dividend investment opportunities in order to build a strong portfolio that will provide strong growth and a hefty income stream!
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