Michael Hill


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Starting a Business With Top Brand Strategies and Build Successful Product
Things You Will Learn
Understand the true idea of branding and why people buy brandsIdentify your target customer like a proDefine a real value of your productLearn top techniques for finding a sticky brand namesCreate brand personality to build relationship with your customersLearn how to separate yourself from the crowdThe book focuses on a strategic approach to brand building and using online platforms to your benefit. Learn how to master your website, blog, social network profiles and YouTube channels with this unique book. It will help you to understand the essence of branding and the difference between marketing and branding.
It primarily focuses on the individual brand and product, and is a tool to position you in this global world, make impact and make money. Don’t be indifferent, be the difference.
Brand building is essential for today’s companies. No matter if it is a big brand, or a less known, but every product has to have its customers and consumers. Also, every person who became a brand has to have a fan-base to go by the name of a brand.
This book is aimed at those who want to create and establish a brand by using online tools, social networks.
Michael Hill
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