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Business English

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English is one of the most common languages that is used by a majority of the people worldwide. In statistical terms, approximately 20% of the world's population uses the English language as their primary or secondary language. The word ‘English’ is derived from the word ‘Anglisc’ which means the speech of the Angles.
English has found its use in conducting business, aviation, and computing overseas and in many other areas so that all the people can converse with each other through a common language. In the current times, the economy has started to become increasingly global because of which the usage of Business English has become highly important.
Business English refers to the use of English language for conducting business. Business English lays its focus on the English skills that are necessary for one to possess in order to communicate within a global business environment. There are a variety of different subjects that are included within Business English such as Economics, Commerce, E-Commerce, Finance, HR, Insurance, IT, Law, Manufacturing, Marketing, Production, Stock Exchange, Trade, Transport, and many others.
Within the field of conducting trade and business, Business English is used for providing training to the delegates, guidance, and counseling, boosting of morale, appreciating a well-done work, imparting instructions, giving the warning and for conveying suggestion, opinion, advice, request etcetera to the people.
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