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James Allen

As A Human Thinketh

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This modern revision of James Allen's classic "As a Man Thinketh" was created to reach a larger and more contemporary audience. The work has been edited and renamed "As a Human Thinketh" to appeal to a wider range of experience and expression. The book is so full of wisdom and so helpful but we simply don't speak the same way anymore. This book has been upgraded to better reflect a more current vernacular All the pronouns have been changed from simply he/him to they/them. As a Human Thinketh is a classic recreated with gender neutral language.

Too many mortals strive to improve only their wordly position--and too few seek spiritual betterment. Such is the problem James Allen faced in his own time. The ideas he found in his inner-most heart after great searching guided him as they will guide you.

As a Man Thinketh was first published in 1903. In it, Allen describes how man is the creator and shaper of his destiny by the thoughts which he thinks. We rise and fall in exact accordance with the character of the thoughts which we entertain. Our environment is the result of the thoughts that we harbor and the behavior that our thoughts bring about.

In more than a century, As A Man Thinketh has become an inspirational classic, selling millions of copies worldwide and bringing faith, inspiration, and self- healing to all who have encountered it.

Get your hands on a more relevant and updated version of this classic work from James Allen.
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