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Generations Deep

Generations Deep is a groundbreaking book that is memoir meets trauma workbook, complete with questionnaires and inventories developed by mental health professionals to help you on your journey. In this sometimes heartbreaking but always hopeful, practical guide, Licensed Professional Counselor Gina Birkemeier uses her own personal story to illustrate how unaddressed dysfunction and trauma can create emotional wounds and toxic beliefs that are passed down from one generation to the next. Through it we learn that what isn’t repaired gets repeated.
Using memoir, self-help components, questionnaires, and inventories (all available with this audio version of the book) along with scientific research and elements of Scripture and faith, Generations Deep helps listeners learn how they can break destructive cycles and rewrite their stories to pass on a legacy of transformation.
Through her raw story, and the story of her ancestors, Birkemeier shares how our beliefs and behaviors are influenced by the emotional health of those who cared for us.
It is a story of bondage to freedom and shame to self-compassion. Generations Deep offers its listeners a way to find that path for themselves.
While Generations Deep is immensely practical, it will also have you in tears, in shock, and ultimately inspired to live your very best life. Listen to this book at your own risk though, because how you see yourself and your family will never be the same.
This audio version includes bonus interviews with a trauma coach, a neuro-rehabilitation psychologist, an executive pastor, an epigenetic scientist and researcher, a clinical social worker, and a best-selling author – each sharing their personal and professional experiences on generational patterns.
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LPC, Gina Birkemeier
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