James Crawley

Refuel Your Employer Brand

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My first book introduced the concept of fuelling your employer brand. After it was published, and I had discussed it with Peers, Business Leaders and Owners, a wealth of additional information emerged. This led to a number of research projects that catalysed and developed my thinking around the Employer Brand concept. Fuel Your Employer Brand really looked at the very basic concepts of the subject, and whilst it covered many aspects of the topic it also delved very heavily into the subject of recruitment process, as having a strong recruitment process is one of the foundation blocks of building a sustainable employer brand.
This book therefore takes the original chapters of the first book that are most relevant and builds on them. You could therefore consider this the second edition, however there is so much additional content I decided that the content was significant enough to warrant its own separate publication. Perhaps “Fuel Your Employer Brand “could be considered the beginners guide, and this the more advanced source of advice for those that have created a good Employer Brand and now want to take it to the next level.
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Author's Republic
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