Brad Magnarella

Siren Call

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How did Everson Croft end up with a talking cat?
For that story, we have to go back to my early years as a wizard.
With New York City in the dumps, the red light is back on in Times Square.
Vampires, dark fae, and exotic entertainers have set up shop, promising pleasures beyond the wildest imagination. But now male clients are turning up stiff — all over.
I'm thinking supernatural predator, even as the clues keep drawing me back to Tabitha: a mysterious call girl who is one hundred percent mortal.
I need to solve this case before the killer feeds again, but damn if I'm not sinking deeper into Tabitha's dangerous and tantalizing world.
Which is exactly what she seems to want...
Siren Call is the second prequel in the Prof Croft Novellas series. If you like occult action, spell-crackling suspense, and moments of heart, heroism, and all-out laughter, you’ll love Prof Croft!
Brad Magnarella
James Patrick Cronin
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