Maire E. McMahon

A Cheese Sandwich for John Lennon

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A Cheese Sandwich for John Lennon takes the listener on a humorous, real-life journey back to a gritty era when Liverpool became a hub for emerging rock 'n' roll in post-war Britain. Born in Liverpool during WWII, author Maire E. McMahon begins the journey by revealing her first encounters with rock 'n' roll as she and her pal Bernie discover Buddy Holly through records brought back to Liverpool by merchant sailors. She then gives the reader a wry look at ballroom dancing classes for working class kids before moving on to a teenage coming-of-age tale featuring the historic Locarno Ballroom and an up-close encounter with a budding young skiffle group, The Quarrymen.
The book culminates with a hilarious chance meeting with a hungry young Beatle at Liverpool's Jacaranda club...with a final and unexpected twist!
A Cheese Sandwich for John Lennon is told in remarkable autobiographical fashion, as a quintessential coming-of-age story in postwar Britain. A must-read for any Beatles fans, music buffs, or Merseyside aficionados and historians.
Ltd., Oscar Enterprises
Amanda Parrott
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