Marc Jason

Dude, Wash Your Balls

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Living "SOFT" is ruining us. Ruining guys. Are your role models confused, politically correct or scared to stand for something?
Betting on YOU and executing on YOU is the only way to separate YOU from the opinions of YOU. Yet, most guys are scared.
We're at a point in life where it's time to understand that other people see you, as a version of them. Their advice, hopes and actions are all influenced by what they want to see in you. That's an unfair negotiation. 99% of people are OK with this. It's a limiting scenario to play by the rules that others set for you. It's costing you health, happiness, money and time.
I explain exactly where fear comes from, why it's never going away, but how to remote control it.
I'm going to explain death in bold, rare terms so that you alert yourself to get living now, for you. Not your wife, or kids. YOU.
Why do kids laugh more than adults? Why and when to start that business? Why you're not the age that you think you are, and rejecting that fact that everyone else's opinion of you has to matter. Karma is a scam used by the weak, soft majority and I'll prove it to you. How beer and buffalo wings get me the fitness that I want.
Balls make a guy, a guy. It's time to take care of ourselves. DUDE, WASH YOUR BALLS!
Marc Jason
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Marc Jason
Marc Jason
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