Jessica Foster

Speed Reading: A Guide To Rapid Learning And Memory Acceleration; How To Read Triple Faster And Remember Everything In Less Hours

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This book will make you spend lesser time, more than 80% cut, to study and comprehend faster than you used to

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Speed reading is the series of methods that are used to increase the rate of reading without affecting the rate of retention and understanding. This technique can be very effective as it is a sure guide to encourage anyone who needs to cover large bulk of materials in a short duration.

By reading this book and by using any of its techniques, you are sure to double the speed of your reading almost immediately. And with constant and frequent practice, your reading speed can exceed 10000 words per minute.

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What Speed Reading Is All About

Speed Reading Techniques

Exercises To Improve Speed Reading

Important Facts About Speed Reading

Comprehension At High Speed

And basically everything you need to help you improve your reading speed and comprehend faster

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Author's Republic
Author's Republic
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