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7 Vital Skills for Parenting Teen Girls and Communicating with Your Teenage Daughter

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Isn’t it odd that your once smiling little one is fuming with anger, hiding things from you and doing things their way, just to push your buttons?To help your daughter become the amazing woman that she will become in a couple of years, you have to help her understand that everything that she is experiencing during puberty is NORMAL and will make her a stronger woman.
In this ground-breaking positive parenting bookyou will discover the 7 most important parenting skills for helping your teenage daughter transition from your little girl into a mature, confident woman, including:
✓ How to change your parenting style, family communication, positive reinforcement, and conflict resolution tools for your maturing teen daughter
✓ Teaching vital communication skills for teenage girls, plus how to listen with no prejudice and act respectfully at social gatherings
✓ Positive parenting skills for communicating your values and expectations, in order to prevent defiance, lying, and discipline problems
✓ How to help your teen daughter be a confident young woman and avoid issues related to low self-esteem, body shaming, and cyberbullying
✓ Teaching your daughter about emotional intelligence and the importance of empathy and compassion
✓ How to effectively communicate with your daughter without arguments, back-talk or her slamming her bedroom door on you
There is no better time than right now to start building a healthy relationship with your daughter and learn the skills necessary to help her overcome adversity and become a successful woman.
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