Frank Dixon

How Parents Can Develop Happy Children

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Do you just want to raise happy and positive children?Then this is the book for you.
Raising a child is an ongoing challenge and it’s your responsibility to help your little one develop into a useful member of the society, a self-confident individual, and a happy person.
Here’s How You Can Raise Happy And Positive Thinking Kids & Transform Them Into Thriving, Successful Adults!
Frank Dixon, the best-selling author of “How Parents Can Raise Resilient Children” and “How Parents Can Teach Children To Counter Negative Thoughts” has created an all-inclusive parenting guide that will help you teach your child:
✅ Essential Social Skills: Understand The Connection Between Improving Social Skills & Finding Happiness
✅ Communications Skills: How To Talk To Everyone & Activities That Encourage Better Communication and Reduce Social Anxiety
✅ The Importance of Teaching Kids Emtional Intelligence: Activities That Foster Empathy & Help Your Child Start Caring For Others
And That’s Not All!
By the end of this eye-opening effective parenting and child development book, you will be able to help your little one learn:
☑️ Good Manners, Etiquette and Proper Social Behavior: no more embarrassing stares from people at the restaurant or the grocery store.
☑️ How To Make Friends: your kid will not be left out of collaborative play due to his/her bad or selfish behavior anymore.
☑️ The Value Of Responsibility & Cooperation: lay the foundations of future success by teaching your children how to be responsible and learn accountability for their actions.
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