Mel Robbins

Subconscious Goal

You've heard it over and over: set goals and you will achieve more! You'll make more money, get better promotions, have a better life.
And so you've tried your hand at goal-setting ... right?
Problem is, you've noticed that sometimes your goals work out… but many times they fail.

What’s happening here? Are you just not cut out to achieve some of your goals? Are the ones that work for you a fluke?
No. It's not that.
What few people understand is that what you achieve is a result of goals that reside in the subconscious regions of your brain.
If you've set a goal and not achieved it, it's not because you’re missing some magical “productivity” gene that only a few high achievers are born with... as mainstream media might have you believe.
It’s simply because your subconscious is not aware of the goal.
MOMA (Motivating Outcomes that are Measurable with Appointments for review) is a new, evidence-based, brain-friendly goal-setting method that will set you up to achieve dramatically more.
In this training you will discover:
The neuroscience behind goal-setting and its role in your successHow traditional goals have been limiting your ability to succeedThe step-by-step MOMA process for setting goals that stickIf you're interested in learning how you can start accomplishing more of your goals just by refining your goal setting method, I made this course for you.
Rooting for your success!
Mel Robbins.
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Subconscious Goal
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