Raymond Sturgis

BLACK LIVES MATTER: Is It Open Season On Killing and Mistreating Blacks In America?

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Each day that is blessed to us, some black man, woman or child has been killed or mistreated by police or from another black person. Black people in America should have always organized against injustices from police and other misguided blacks who are a threat to their survival. I cannot understand that after hundreds of years and comprehensive progress in civil and human rights, that black people's lives are still not valued or respected.
Black Lives Matter is a book that expounds on the realities and hardships of black people living in America. The clouds of hate and distrust must end. So black people can avoid the senseless violence and disrespect they endure from other black people, police, and government. If BLACK LIVES TRULY MATTER, then swift justice must be enforced for those that violated the freedoms and peace of blacks trying to live in America.
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Author's Republic
Denzel Walkes
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