Joe Dunn,Mali Apple

The Soulmate Lover

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Next Generation Indie Book Awards Gold Medal
National Indie Excellence Award Gold Medal
International Book Awards Gold Medal
This groundbreaking guide to sexuality will show you how to create and sustain a connected, compelling, and truly passionate relationship.
Chapters such as “Connecting with Your Sexual Energy” and “Opening Up to Your Orgasmic Potential” will have you feeling more comfortable in your body and more confident in your sexuality.“Seduction, Intimacy, and Keeping the Spark Alive” shows singles how to attract a partner who is ready for a deeply intimate relationship and couples how to continually energize their sexual connection.“The Power of Invitation” gives you a simple yet life-changing skill for fulfilling your desires while simultaneously increasing love and intimacy.“The Art of Sexual Healing” explores how to lovingly transform many sexual issues into opportunities for heart-opening erotic pleasure.About the Authors: Mali Apple and Joe Dunn are relationship coaches, authors, lovers, and best friends. In their bestselling book The Soulmate Experience: A Practical Guide to Creating Extraordinary Relationships and Wild Monogamy: Cultivating Erotic Intimacy to Keep Passion and Desire Alive (coming in 2022), Mali and Joe share truly revolutionary ideas for creating relationships that are deeply loving, intensely passionate, and profoundly sexually connected.
A Higher Possibility
Joe Dunn, Mali Apple
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