Frank Dixon

A Guide for How to Be LGBTQ+ Parents

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Are Your Kids “Different”?And are you wondering if you are dealing with it in the best way possible?Then this book is for you.
In A Guide For How To Be LGBTQ+ Parents, you will discover how to best support and help your kid with expressing their true self.
This book will show you:
Why Your Child Doesn’t Fit In (and What You Can Do About It)How to Make Your Kid Feel Safe and Supported When Coming Out of the ClosetDo’s and Don’ts When it Comes to LGBTQ+ ParentingHow to Best Educate Yourself on LGBTQ+You will also discover:
If Your Child Really Is That DifferentHow to Deal With the Difficult Topics like Bullying and LonelinessHow to Show Support For Your Child in Difficult ConversationsSo are you ready to become the best parent you could possibly be for your LGBTQ+ child?Then Scroll Up and Click the “Buy Now” Button to Get Started Immediately!
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