Raymond Sturgis

Black Women Can Change Directions by Changing Conditions : The Message, The Struggle and The Strength of Black Women

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Every day is a triumph and challenge for black women, and they embrace both of them with courage and faith that embody their character. As black women rise, many of them continue to struggle with common problems that debilitate their vigor to make positive changes in their lives. From relationships, education, marriage, employment or being on government assistance, black women are the essential foundation of the community and if they fail, the black race fails. This book implicitly and realistically explores the many conditions of back women, and how they can change them by changing the impediments like depression, low self-esteem, domestic abuse, drugs, and poverty, into successful directions.
Black Women Can Change Directions by Changing Conditions also includes affirmations from famous, well-loved, and respected black women to help today’s black women resurrect their dying and uneventful spirits as they transmogrify their image with positive results. Black Women Can Change Directions by Changing Conditions will help black women heed the call from other successful black women while encouraging young black mothers and girls that color is no longer an issue, as long as they redirect their attention to building their character.
Author's Republic
Author's Republic
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