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7 Proven Strategies for Parenting Toddlers that Excel, from Potty Training to Preschool

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Do You Want to Be Great at Parenting Right From The Start?Several prominent studies have shown that toddlers, kindergarten and Pre-K children with strong social skills in sharing, cooperation and empathy have a much higher likelihood of going to college, being employed in a good job at 25 and having less stress as an adult.
In this revolutionary positive parenting book, you will discover the 7 most important parenting skills for raising toddlers with strong social skills, plus:
✓ The science behind social skills development in children, with valuable socio-emotional development milestones to look for in your toddler at ages 1, 2 and 3
✓ Teaching toddlers good manners and the importance of emphasizing using manners
✓ Positive parenting skills for communicating your values and expectations to prevent defiance and discipline problems
✓ How to fuel your toddlers dreams and passions with praise and encouragement
✓ The importance of parallel play in toddlers’ social skills development
✓ Valuable role-playing exercises that dramatically help toddlers learn good habits, manners and strong social skills
✓ Teaching toddlers compassion and empathy for others
Helping your toddler understand the value of social skills at an early age is the equivalent of laying the foundations of a building. Make sure to avoid common parenting mistakes now and your little one will develop into a skyscraper with strong social, communication, and emotional skills.
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