Gene Lipen

Solar System Amazing Space Adventure

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This dog’s about to blast off. Will his trip be out-of-this-world?
Arthur can’t wait to make his first flight into outer space. Jumping for joy, he’s rocketing off on a mission to see the twinkling stars. And once he boards his ship, he’s eager to sniff out the most paw-some planets in our solar system.
Flying to each of the heavenly bodies circling our sun, Arthur has to find out what makes each one so special. But from worlds with rings and moons to balls of gas and rock, he’s not sure how to choose his favorite place in space.
What majestic wonders will Arthur dig up before he comes back to Earth?
Solar System Amazing Space Adventure will delight you with beautiful pictures, vibrant descriptions, and incredible facts. Explore the planets closest to the sun to those farthest away, zooming from Mercury to Neptune on an unbelievable cosmic tour.
Solar System Amazing Space Adventure is the shiny third installment in the wonderfully illustrated Kids Books for Young Explorers series for ages three to nine. If you or your child like reading playful poems, discovering cool science, and chasing down a galaxy full of fun, then you’ll love Gene Lipen’s sparkling story.
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Gene Lipen
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Solar System Amazing Space Adventure
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