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Hypnosis - How To Hypnotize Anyone

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If you’ve ever been interested in the powerful science of hypnotism or becoming a hypnotist, you’ve come to the right place.

By the end of this book you will be able to hypnotize anyone, literally!

The history of hypnosis is discussed, bringing you all the way to how you can hypnotize someone anywhere, anyplace, at anytime. You will learn the definition of hypnotism, as well as how it was used historically, and how it is used today.

The dark side of hypnosis will also be investigated, to some degree.

The book will give you an overview of some of the terrible and frightening ways that hypnotism has been, and is being used, to control what you see, hear and say, and how it can be used to get you to submit to the ultimate surrender of your mind.

How does hypnotism work and what parts of the body and mind are affected by hypnotism?How does hypnotism change your brain chemistry?How does hypnotism alter your physical body?Does your temperature rise when you are hypnotized?Does your heartbeat quicken or does it slow down when you undergo hypnosis?

The hypnotic interview and the pre-talk before you begin a hypnotic session are discussed, as well as how to induce a subject into a trance state. You will learn the steps and processes needed to work on, and with, a subject or patient in the hypnotic trance state.

Trance deepeners are an additional resource during hypnosis. They are used to put a subject into an even deeper hypnotic trance state, to be properly hypnotized.

What signs should a practitioner look for in a subject undergoing hypnotic suggestion to tell if the person is truly hypnotized? Just as important, you will learn the signs to look for if someone is just pretending to be hypnotized.

Finally, you’ll learn how to hypnotize anyone, anytime, in any place. You will amaze and astound your friends, family and coworkers with your hypnotic skill. You will be the hit at every party or fun event. It’s a great way to break the ice with a prospective partner, too!

Learning the art of hypnotism could be a lucrative career. You really never know the path you will travel.
Learning hypnotism is a fun and exciting way to enjoy your life to the absolute utmost.

What are you waiting for!? Scroll up and hit the ‘Buy Now’ button to learn how you can hypnotize anyone, anytime, in any place!

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