Janine Marsh

Toujours La France!

Following on from her hugely popular books, My Good Life in France and My Good Year in France, ex-pat Janine Marsh shares more heart-warming and entertaining stories of her new life in rural France.

Since giving up their city jobs in London and moving to rural France over ten years ago, Janine and husband Mark have renovated their dream home and built a new life for themselves, adjusting to the delights and the peculiarities of life in a small French village.

Including much-loved village characters such as Mr. and Mrs. Pepperpot, Jean-Claude, Claudette, and the infamous Bread Man, in Toujours La France Janine also introduces listeners to some new faces and funny stories, as she and Mark continue their lives in this special part of northern France. With birthday parties, rural traditions, christenings, and even a funeral, there is never a quiet moment in the Seven Valleys.
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