Saki,Hector Hugh Munro


Слухати в додатку
Hector Hugh Munro, who wrote under the pseudonym "Saki" tells the tale of a modern werewolf.

"There is a wild beast in your woods" observes the artist Cunningham to his friend van Cheele. It turns out that Cunningham is right. The next day, van Cheele finds a naked feral child in the woods, who speaks in a very disturbing way about eating flesh and hunting four-footed at night. Strangest of all is an uncanny remark about having eaten child's flesh recently.

The next day, the strange naked boy turns up at Cheele's house and is adopted by his aunt, who names him Gabriel-Ernest. Van Cheele sets off to quiz Cunningham about the wild beast, while his aunt and Gabriel-Ernest prepare to host the Sunday school children's party. When van Cheele discovers that the beast Cunningham had seen was a werewolf, he realizes he has only until sunset to save the Sunday school children....
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Cathy Dobson
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