Scott Allan

The Discipline of Masters

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Crush Tough Obstacles, Lead with Confidence, and Develop Greater Creativity
Are you tired of being a slave to circumstances beyond your control? Lacking discipline and need a clear direction on how to be more productive, prolific and purpose-driven? Are you blocked by obstacles that stop your progress?
The Discipline of Masters focuses on teaching you how to empower your natural drive for excellence. You will learn to master the core areas of your life that impact happiness, achievement, growth, productivity, and creativity.
Once you take action with the strategies and techniques in this book, you can become more creative, build more income, and live the life you were born to lead by mastering the essential key strategies.
The Discipline of Masters will teach you to:
Overcome big obstacles blocking your growthIdentify and eliminate your greatest self-defeating behaviorBuild superior performance activities with the best time-management techniquesConfront the habit of procrastination and learn to do it NOWHelp people through a commitment to mentorship and leadership development skillsCreate a system for capturing your most prolific ideas.The Discipline of Masters focuses your thoughts and actions toward conditioning your mind and attitude. You will become more prolific in achieving your goals, become more focused, and condition yourself to practice a new set of behaviors that set you up for unlimited success.
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