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Rejection Free

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★Rebuild Your Self-Image, Conquer Your Fear of Rejection, and Defeat the Mental Barriers Holding You Back★
Is your fear of rejection holding you back from taking massive action? Do you resist asking for what you want for fear of getting a NO? Do you allow the opinions of others to define your self-worth?
If so, Rejection Free™ is the book you MUST read NOW.
Scott Allan’s Rejection Free™ is a comprehensive guide to help you conquer the fear of rejection by learning to trust yourself first. You can break out of your comfort zone by taking deliberate action to free yourself from the feelings of shame and the fear of loss.
In this comprehensible guide, you’ll discover how to:
Choose yourself first, no matter what people think of youPut an end to rejection expectationConquer self-doubt and become great at asking for what you wantsupercharge your confidence and develop mental toughnessTransform your thinking and heal from past rejection traumaDesensitize yourself to the fear of rejection and achieve the impossible!You will learn the best strategies and actionable advice to defeat the mental barriers holding you back. Break the fearful emotions trapping you now and live your life more confidently.
In short, Rejection Free Is your personal roadmap to freedom.
LLC, Scott Allan Publishing
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