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The Insanely Simple Guide to Apple Watch Series 7

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Learn how to use the 2021 Apple Watch
The Apple Watch is hard to define. It’s a great device to…make calls...send messages...use apps. The problem with defining it is there isn’t one fea-ture that it’s good at. It’s good at many things and used for multiple purposes. It’s good for fitness. But it’s also good for kids to communicate with you from school. And it’s good for your health. And...well, you get the idea. It has many purposes depending on who you are. In almost every situation, however, the Apple Watch will save you time and help you stay organized.
If you are new to Apple Watch or you just want to use it better, then this guide, which is based off of watchOS 8, will help you out. It covers all of the most popular features.
Inside, you will learn about:
• What's new in WatchOS 8.
• What the Apple Watch Series 7 can (and can't) do.
• WatchOS gestures.
• Understanding blood oxygen levels and ECG.
• Using Apple Pay from your Apple Watch.
• Tracking sleep.
• Finding, installing, updating, and remov-ing apps from your Apple Watch.
• Using different Apple Watch features (such as SOS, Breathe, compass).
• Using different Apple Watch apps (such as Calendar, Reminders, Music).
• Getting driving directions with the Apple Watch.
• Using Siri on the Apple Watch.
• Doing a workout with the Apple Watch Series 7.
• And much more!
Are you ready to start enjoying your new Apple Watch? Then let's get started!
Note: This audiobook isn't endorsed by Apple, Inc. and should be considered unofficial.
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