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Father Sergius

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Father Sergius is a short story by Leo Tolstoy and was published in 1911. It tells the story of a young prince – known as Stepan Kasatsky - who becomes a priest. In the court, he falls in love with Countess Mary Korotkova and becomes engaged to her. But soon he discovers his fiancée was once a mistress to the emperor, Tsar Nicholas I.
This incident devastates him and he decides to leave the court and becomes a monk. As he is an ambitious high achiever and excels in everything he sets his mind to, he is ordained to the priesthood after three years and takes the name Father Sergius. Although he becomes a celebrated churchman, he continues to struggle with pride and lust.
This version of the book is translated by Soroosh Habibi to Persian (Farsi) and narrated by Taimaz Rezvani. The Persian version of Father Sergius’s audiobook is published by Maktub worldwide.
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Taimaz Rezvani


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Father Sergius
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