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Essential Oils for Healing Kit

Do you want to try to understand Aromatherapy and its benefits, but you don't know where to start from?

✓ I think you have just found the answer ✓

Many Aromatherapy books are written in scientific language, as if written for people who are already

experts in the field; they seem real encyclopedias, they include essences to be used for which you would

have to travel all around the world. Since I experienced this before, I decided to use only essential oils

that are available in any household or that can be bought in the shop around the corner.

Are you questioning yourself if this might work for you? I had done the same concerns. I don’t demonize

Western medicine, but if there is an alternative that would be my choice.

With this Audiobook you will enter the modern world of Aromatherapy; you will be able to relieve issues

such as headaches, acid reflux, acne, back pain, and many others.

Aromatherapy and essential oils can often substitute, supplement or can reduce the use of traditional

medicines avoiding their collateral effects.

In Essential oils for healing kit you will find:

-Names and properties of the 27 main essential oils

-180 Recipes and Remedies

-Disturbs on which Aromatherapy works

-How to prepare recipes with simple means

-How to improve body, mind and soul thanks to the properties of essential oils

-Learning to Read Labels

-Essential Oils to Avoid

-Pet Products


-Personal Care and Hygiene recipes

-Home and Garden

This Audiobook will guide you step by step.

Shall we start improving our lives? Then scroll up and click “Buy now” to get started today.
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Author's Republic
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