Sasha Morgan

Escape to Lilacwell

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She wanted an adventure. What she found was so much more...

Adira Summers has spontaneously quit her high-flying career as a barrister in London. She needs to escape from the rat race and, encouraged by her bohemian gran, has bought a campervan to do so.

Taking off for a tour around Britain, disaster strikes early on when her van breaks down outside the quaint village of Lilacwell. But things look up after she meets handsome Jasper, who is visiting to check on his ailing uncle and his crumbling estate, The Laurels.

As Adira falls for Lilacwell, she is torn between forgoing her travel plans to stay or continuing with her adventure. Jasper must also choose between returning to his job in Dubai or moving back for his uncle - and Adira.

A gorgeous summery romance for fans of Tessa Bailey and Jenny Colgan.

What readers are saying about ´Escape to Lilacwell´:

"A lovely read... The setting was nice and the story flowed well." - Reader review

"This book fixed my reading slump! I enjoyed it so much that I kept turning the pages. Adira's a very relatable heroine and the romance develops slowly, in a very believable way." - Reader review

"What a beautiful summer read, I enjoyed this book from the first to the last page. The characters are so well written. A good book to take on holiday." - Reader review

Sasha Morgan lives in a village by the coast in Lancashire with her husband and has one grown-up son. She writes mainly contemporary fiction, her previous series having a touch of 'spice', probably due to all the Jilly Cooper novels she read as a teenager.
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