Michael Jolls

Make Hollywood Great Again

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Hollywood and MAGA don’t get along. There are plenty of right wingers who won’t even touch this book because "Hollywood" is on the cover. Meanwhile, there are plenty of snowflake leftists who are fighting back tears because they assume this book is propaganda from “orange Thanos” to take over Tinseltown. And then there’s you, the American. Conservative or liberal, you realize that Hollywood and MAGA are at war with each other and that it’s a battle worth examining. Make Hollywood Great Again navigates through 2017 – 2020’s theatrical releases examining journalism, conspiracy and the media, as well as a bevy of other topics. Filmmakers have addressed their undesired tenet in the White House through a variety of stories, mostly non-fiction. The book privileges The Post, Blackkklansman, The Front Runner, Dark Waters, Richard Jewell, and The Hunt among others.
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Author's Republic
Michael Jolls
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