Ivo Balbaert

Ivo Balbaert is currently a lecturer in (web) programming and databases at CVO Antwerpen (www.cvoantwerpen.be), a community college in Belgium. He received a PhD degree in applied physics from the University of Antwerp in 1986. He worked for 20 years in the software industry as a developer and consultant in several companies, and for 10 years as a project manager at the University Hospital of Antwerp. From 2000 onward, he switched to partly teaching and developing software (KHM Mechelen, CVO Antwerp).
He also wrote an introductory book in Dutch about developing in Ruby and Rails, Programmeren met Ruby en Rails, Van Duuren Media. In 2012, he authored a book on the Go programming language, The Way To Go, iUniverse. In 2013, in collaboration with Dzenan Ridzanovic, he authored Learning Dart and Dart Cookbook, both by Packt Publishing.


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